Installation and Testing Services

newly installed systemMDC Systems has a C-7 Contractors License, which enables us to install the low voltage gas detection systems in San Jose, CA we design, using the latest equipment and knowhow to ensure code compliance and customer satisfaction. Installation services include the following:

  • Mounting of sensors, controllers, plc panels, seismic sensors and exhaust pressure monitors.
  • Installation of low absorption sample tubing and exhaust duct mounts/saddles.
  • Installation of conduit and control wiring per NEC standards.
  • Installation of emergency gas off pull stations and horn/strobes.
  • Installation of leak detection, seismic switches and pressure switches.
  • Installing signage for horn/strobes, pull stations and control room locations.
  • Start-up commissioning of the system components.
  • Programming controller, PLC, HMI, GUI and transmitters.
  • Labeling sensors, wires, controllers, tubing and electrical circuit breaker feeds.
  • Locating devices in client-approved locations, keeping on-going maintenance in mind.

Start-up commissioning services

MDC Systems believes that a key component to a successful startup is having the right personnel on site. This means personnel with knowledge and experience of the system design and operation, to not only allow for fast and accurate commissioning, but also to expedite any changes that need to be implemented due to field conditions. Our approach to commissioning includes the following:

  • Controlled and safe initial power-up of field equipment. All components are powered up and all safeties and shutdowns are verified.
  • Complete checkout of field devices to the HMI. Verify every single field connection, from the end device all the way back to the HMI screen.
  • System operational checkout. Verify the operation of the equipment per the sequence of operations.
  • Client acceptance. Verify with the client that all features of the system are operational and satisfactory.
  • Third-party permit sign-off testing. As necessary, provide support services to verify system function per the local permitting requirements.
  • Client maintenance and operations training. Provide system operation and maintenance training including system documentation.

Sensor calibration

MDC Systems provides trained personnel and a wide variety of certified gasses, delivery equipment and calibration cups specific to each sensor/manufacturer in order to ensure the calibration has been performed as specified by the manufacturers.

From our carbon monoxide detection systems to systems focused on methane detection in San Jose, CA and beyond, all equipment used is traceable to NIST standards. Sensor calibrations include:
Delivery of the specific certified gas sample to each sensor type.

  • Connecting to the sensor electronically, to verify electrical readings when no sensor readout is available, to ensure proper set points are reached.
  • Using pressure demand regulators for sample draw type sensors, in order to verify the pumps integrity, as well as the sensors reaction to the gas.
  • Using set rate regulators with the specified manufacturers calibration cup, for a tight seal for diffusion-type area sensors.
  • Building Calibration Reports documenting the sensors ID, gas type, range, alarm set points and calibration set points.
  • Documenting the pre findings and post settings on the calibration report.
  • Affix calibration stickers to each sensor passing the calibration service.
  • Delivering a completed calibration report to our clients for maintenance record keeping purposes.
  • Preparing cost estimates for repairs to the system upon completion of the calibration services, in the event that some of the sensors failed calibration and need replacement.

For more information about any of the critical installation and testing services we offer, please contact us today. We’re pleased to consult with you regarding any and all types of low voltage gas detection systems in San Jose, CA.