Choose Sample Tubing Wisely for Gas Monitors in San Jose, CA

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There are many considerations for sample tubing for your gas monitors in San Jose, CA. Teflon-based tubing is the best option because it will reduce the chance of contamination and sample loss caused by absorption. This allows for improved gas detection and fewer industrial incidents. It is generally the best quality tubing you can purchase. Here are five reasons why you should seek Teflon-based tubing:

  • Non-reactive: Chemical reactions are possible in the process of gas monitoring. Some tubing types are very reactive to certain gases and elements in a monitor. Silicone rubber tubing, for example, should never be used with gas monitors that use the catalytic bead combustible gas sensor. It will actually create additional poisonous gas, which creates a new problem while you are attempting to detect and correct another one. Teflon-based or Teflon-lined PVC material does not react to other gases in this way. You are assured a clean environment as you monitor and collect data.
  • Better material for portable devices: You will find Teflon materials in portable monitors because it stands up to different conditions. The monitor can be jostled or exposed to the most toxic elements and it will still function at admirable levels. You are not guaranteed this durability with other materials because of the reactive elements and other sensitivities. Teflon is also preferred for remote access devices because its durability requires less hands-on intervention to assure it works.
  • Good moisture resistance: Polyurethane-based tubing is sensitive to moisture. This can reduce detection in humid environments and corrode the device. Teflon is resistant to this condition, and as a result your monitor will function better with better readings. Sample tubing is vulnerable to condensation, but so are the electronic functions within the monitoring device. Use Teflon to keep this element under control for improved monitoring.
  • More accurate data: When you go with quality, you also produce better data. Since Teflon is resistant to many elements that make the sampling process challenging, you will have a better idea of what is going on with your gas monitoring and detection. You will not make upgrades based on bad data, and you will find problems before they become too serious. Accurate data is not only good for assuring safety and controlling gas leaks, but also for letting you know when it is time to adjust or change your equipment. You can rest well knowing your data is accurate.
  • Fewer contingencies: Gas monitoring needs to occur efficiently, and if workers are constantly managing the sample tubing, that is not going to work out. Choosing the best materials for the job makes the process easier because fewer processes can go wrong. There is no need to second guess results or worry that the wrong tubing just produced poisonous fumes. More time is spent testing and analyzing, rather than fussing over the equipment.

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