Choose Programmable Gas Detectors in San Jose, CA Over Spec Controllers

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A Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) monitors input devices and adjusts systems based on the data it collects. The PLC became an essential part of gas detectors in San Jose, CA over the years and this has made businesses safer and able to operate more smoothly. There is confusion sometimes because gas detectors also come with spec controllers provided by the manufacturer. Here is why a custom PLC setup is a better option over the spec controller:

  • Remote access: You do not have to be on site to access the PLC. Many models can be programmed using text messaging or email. They can also provide an alarm through remote means, and that allows the staff member on call to make the needed adjustments, often needing only their smart phone. Less travel time for workers saves you costs and allows for issues to be solved quickly. Many industries realize the cost savings and convenience of remote access, and those advantages are available in gas detection, too.
  • Easily operated: While you still require specialized professionals to operate the PLC, many people in those sectors find the PLC to be a preferred choice. The main reason is its universal nature. There is no need to constantly switch out controllers because an upgrade also means a change of manufacturer. It only needs adjustment to the new system, and you are once again good to go.
  • Better sensors: PLC devices pick up on gas leaks before they become a serious problem. You no longer wait until employees complain of nausea or headaches, and it allows more lead time to solve the problem or evacuate the premises. This creates a safer work environment, which also reduces your overall costs.
  • Direct software access: Many industries use the Supervisory Control and Data Access (SCDA) system. This advanced design uses computers, networks, data communication and graphic interface to manage processes. Peripheral tools like logical and PID controllers offer additional opportunities to make accurate adjustments. The PLC accesses this system directly, so changes can be made quicker and, again, remotely. It operates in real time, so if a gas leak or other emergency arises, solutions occur quicker than if they relied solely on human intervention. In non-emergency situations, it also allows for changes needed for efficiency and good functioning.
  • Expands possibilities: SCDA developed as a universal system for allowing remote access to several types of control modules. These systems work across manufacturing brands and industries. It allows for better system integration than anything that was possible before. When you have PLC and SCDA intertwined, you not only have an efficient system, but one that easily expands. Today’s industries are about adjusting to current demands, and the spec controller does not have the same ability to work with multiple brands. Your systems will be as simple or complex as they need to be.

MDC Systems Inc. uses PLC with its gas detectors in San Jose, CA. Contact us today if you require assistance with your gas detection system.

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